Can Christian Wives Wear Lingerie?

I love providing premarital counseling as a part of the services, it allows me to assist future married couples design a life that is perfect for them. By asking questions they may not have thought of, or asking that extra question that makes then go deeper in conversation, it allows them to learn even more about each other before the "big day."

One question that I've been asked numerous times is - "Can christian wives wear lingerie once they are married?" I happen to think this is a great question.

Unfortunately, many Christian young women confuse scripture - don't cause a man to lust vs. be pleasing to your husband. They forget that once you're married you're "allowed" to be pleasing and alluring to your husband. That you are now joined as one, honored by married.

If your husband wants for you to try something to "spice up" your marriage, trying lingerie can be a great place to start. You simply need to find what you're most comfortable with. Everyone is not ready for total exposure, and others will not want complete coverage. There are many middle ground pieces.

You could also choose a holiday to celebrate with a new wardrobe piece. Many holidays like Saint Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, 4th of July, and even Christmas have something in the window.

So if you would like to explore where your spirit takes you with your husband, talk to him about it, and then let your imagination follow. Have a great time with your spouse and enjoy the union that God has given you.

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