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My Bible Culture

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Find out which FROBUTTER Is Right For You.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tutor In A Box: Interview with author Chris Mason

Are you one of the 1.5 Million children being educated in an alternative school setting (Virtual School Home School or Independent Study)?  Are you tired of educators telling you there are resources on the internet but not where they are? Would you like to put fun back into your child’s education?

If you answered yes to any of the questions ---  Tutor in the Box is for you!

Join us as we talk about educational resources and his book Tutor in a Box, with Chris Mason.

Dead Man Rising (film) Indiegogo
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What (specifically) Holds You Back?

What’s keeping you stuck at square one? What’s blockading your greatness? The biggest thing holding us back from success is usually ourselves.
Join us as we discuss the top 3 reasons you find yourself in the same situations over-and-over again.

BONUS INTERVIEW:  Edlyne Verna of Christian United Against Sexual Violence and Homophobia in Haiti (CUASVAHH)  [pronounced kwazva].

SHOW SPONSOR:  FroButter  Dead Man Rising (film) Indiegogo

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Talking Indiegogo with Producer Lawreen Yakkel

Enjoying movies should be one of America's official past times. There's nothing like watching a good film and sharing a memory with the ones you love, but what goes on behind the scene.

Join us as we speak with Producer Lawreen Yakkel about using resources like Indiegogo to fund your upcoming short or film project.

Indiegogo: Dead Man Rising

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

So What's Really Wrong? Communication Tips for Relationships

If there's a special person in your life, you know how important good communication is.  Communication either makes or breaks most relationships; staying close is vital to keeping the homes fires burning. Good communication skills are essential, whether you've been together for two months or 20 years.

You too, can improve your relationship today (yep, right now) by putting into practice some of these tips for improving the communication in your relationship.

BONUS INTERVIEW:  Urban Gospel Artist MALICHI on his latest CD "Real Life"
SHOW SPONSOR:  Dead Man Rising (Film) Indiegogo

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Ocean Thailand Addiction Recovery

Ocean Thailand Addiction Recovery
Oceans Thailand offers a holistic client-centred evidence-based integrated treatment program delivered by qualified professionals in a compassionate and respectful way. A fast assessment process, private villas, modern facilities, peaceful surroundings by the beach, state of the art treatment program.

Jesus Christ University Wear

Jesus Christ University Wear
Witness to the world the power of Jesus Christ!

The Consequence by Eddy Mann

The Consequence by Eddy Mann
The quest to live a loving and compassionate life can be challenging at times. Each day’s ups and downs are different, but the power of love is unmatched, and there in lies the journey of this album. An Americana, Folk-Rock, Roots, Country joy ride!

Elevator Music: ShaneO Da Optimist

Elevator Music: ShaneO Da Optimist
Debut album featuring the song "It's All God," pick up your copy now!

David Vaters

David Vaters
Pick up your copy of "A Voice In The Wilderness-Volume 1" by David Vaters.

What is Man? by Hollytoons US

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It's All God by ShaneO


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Inspirational Quotes | Get Inspired

Inspirational Quotes | Get Inspired
Inspirational & Motivational Quotes to uplift & inspire you.

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