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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Single by Christian Pop Artist Kamila

Take a look at the In Studio Gospel Music Video by Christian Pop Artist KAMILA Entitled ARMOR. 

This New Worship song has already been encouraging multitudes in 2018 by reminding them that No matter what Battles we face in Life, We will not be defeated because God is still our ARMOR and Shield!!

Song available on ITunes and Google Play. Purchase today!!!
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The Defense Mechanism Most Toxic for Your Relationship

Research shows the one defense mechanism especially bad for your relationship.

From the standpoint of avoiding anxiety, it can be hard to beat a good old, ordinary, defense mechanism. If you’re angry at an important person in your life, displacement will let you take your emotions out on a safer target, such as a small rock that you kick out of your way in the sidewalk. If there’s an expensive piece of jewelry that you can’t stop thinking about, but can’t afford, repression will help you shove it out of your consciousness. There are countless other ways that defense mechanisms, when used in moderation, can actually be very adaptive.
In your relationships, though, defense mechanisms can take an unfortunate turn if used in the wrong way. Your partner wouldn’t appreciate being the target of your displaced anger and might not like it if you “repressed” your putting off unpleasant chores around the house. However, above and beyond these less than optimal uses of defense mechanisms, one stands out as particularly toxic. In the defense mechanism of projection, you attribute your own unconscious anxieties and preoccupations onto another person. You then become, naturally enough, annoyed at that person for having those same emotions and thoughts that you reject in yourself.
New research on social perception shows that projection can turn what should be empathy into an unfeeling lack of concern if your partner is in trouble. A study on stress mindsets by Tel Aviv University’s Nili Ben-Avi and collaborators (2018) shows what happens when your own attitude toward stress makes you unsympathetic to a person who is clearly undergoing strain. In one type of stress mindset, or attitude toward the stressful events in your life, you find pressure to be exhilarating, and in the other, you find it to be debilitating. The Israeli researchers believe that the way you perceive stress in your life will, in turn, affect the way you perceive that of other people. If you’re of the belief that stress is good, you’ll regard it as silly complaining when it gets to your partner, who puts in long hours full of competing demands. If you regard stress as a frame of mind to be avoided at all costs, you’ll similarly feel that your overworked partner should find a different job or at least stay away from any work tasks in the evening and weekend hours.
Ben-Avi and colleagues take an experimental social psychological approach, meaning that they don’t truly speak of “defense mechanisms” as having that same set of unconscious drivers as do psychodynamically-oriented theorists. Nevertheless, the idea of “social projection” seems to fit the classic defense mechanism approach, as you can see from this definition: “when people try to evaluate targets' thoughts, feelings, or behaviors, they often project their own corresponding states, thereby arriving at inaccurate social judgments” (p. 98). Believing that your partner feels the same way about stress as you do clearly fits into this definition of social projection.
The Israeli study showed that people high on the “stress-as-exhilirating” mindset were less likely to see a fictitious target in an online scenario as suffering from the negative effects of burnout, and to suffer ill effects on health. They also were less likely to believe that the target should stay home when ill (“presenteeism”). The way participants viewed stress also affected the way that they would make personnel decisions about the fictitious employee. If they felt that they personally thrived on stress, then they believed that employees who didn’t share this mindset shouldn’t be promoted, as they did not view the employee as potentially suffering from burnout.
An experimental manipulation that the authors conducted as part of their research involved priming participants into one of the two stress mindsets by having them think either about a time in their lives when they felt overworked or, conversely, when they felt energized. This method showed that your stress mindset can be malleable. People operating under a stress-is-enhancing mindset perceived the target as experiencing less strain and therefore as in need of less help. They also saw the target as more promotable at work. As the authors conclude, there is a dark side and a bright side regarding the interpersonal implications of the idea that stress is enhancing. The dark side is that if you believe stress is good for you, you’ll also believe it’s good for someone else and will offer less help to someone who seems to be on the verge of extreme burnout. On the bright side, though, perceiving another person as operating under high levels of stress may make you see that person as better able to handle stress and so you’ll give that person more responsibility (and maybe a promotion).
In terms of your relationships, though, the Israeli findings suggest that projection isn’t just a theoretical concept left over from the psychoanalyst’s couch. People judge others on the basis of their own preferences, self-assessments, and attitudes. As a result, it will be difficult for you to provide the kind of empathy that can help your partner feel supported and loved when work or family obligations make life particularly difficult.
To overcome the projection you may feel toward your partner, take a page from the Ben-Avi et al’s playbook and try to recall the last time you felt the way you believe your partner to be feeling. Perhaps your partner seems overly sensitive to a mutual friend’s somewhat unfortunately sarcastic jokes. If you have a tendency toward the cynical, your partner’s sensitivity may seem to be too extreme. Try to recall a time when you were the target of a similarly unfortunately comment. That teasing really did hurt you. Just remembering that incident may allow you to see the world from your partner’s own eyes. This exercise might also help you see that you’re not quite as resistant to teasing as you thought you were.
Happiness in long-term relationships depends in many ways on being able to overcome your own tendency to impose your wishes onto your partner. Projection can prevent that open-minded understanding that helps foster true communication with your partner. A simple self-check can help you avoid the projection trap and, in the process, help your relationship become that much more fulfilling.

Orginial article:
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Motivation is where I share with you 5 quotes that I found encouraging, uplifting or inspiring. I'll give you my understanding of them, and how you can make them a part of your day-to-day empowerment. 

Join me on Periscope every Monday at 9am PT / 12pm ET for #MondayMotivation. You can find them also on my YouTube page "Let's Go!" 


Now go be awesome!
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Are Millennial Men Rejecting “Manhood”?

A major evolution is underway among millennial men and women in their values.

Douglas LaBier, Ph.D.
In this era of #MeToo, and controversy about “toxic masculinity,” some new research is very relevant: It indicates a shift is underway in how young men envision “manhood” — in their attitudes, their values, and their behavior — in their relationships, their careers, and their view of “success.”  I think we’re in the midst of a generational evolution with large-scale societal and political implications. 
To illustrate, one study (link is external)of over 600 millennial-aged men found that they are likely to be selfless, in contrast to the old “looking out for number one” attitude. They are also socially engaged with issues and causes and are highly health-conscious. 
Overall, this study from the University of British of Columbia(link is external) found that the masculine value they most strongly endorsed was selflessness. As described in this report(link is external), “Ninety-one per cent of the men agreed that a man should help other people, and 80 percent believed that a man should give back to the community. Openness also ranked highly — 88 per cent said a man should be open to new ideas, new experiences, and new people — and so did health, with a majority of participants saying that men should be healthy or in good shape.” 
Moreover, the traditionally “male” values ranked lower on the scale. They are still valued by the majority of participants, but less so than other values. For example, 75 per cent of the men said that a man should have physical strength, compared with 87 per cent who said a man should have intellectual strength, and 83 per cent who said emotional strength. Autonomy was also ranked lower, with 78 per cent saying that a man should be “independent.”
I think these findings are significant as generational shifts continue. Although the study was conducted with men from Western Canada, they likely reflect a broad, growing theme among the attitudes and values among younger people who enter adulthood in an increasingly diverse, interconnected world. As lead author John Oliffe said(link is external), they “…seem to be holding masculine values that are distinctly different from those of previous generations. These values may run counter to long-standing claims that young men are typically hedonistic, hypercompetitive, and that they risk or neglect their health.” Added co-author Nick Black(link is external), they “…are expanding their definition of masculinity to include values like openness and well-being. The study was published in Psychology of Men & Masculinity. (link is external)
We’re also witnessing the impact of millennial values — among both men and women — upon the workplace, in how they deal with their work and careers. For example, a new study(link is external) finds that millennials are prone to leave their jobs when they experience a “values gap” between themselves and the workplace culture – particularly around sustainability issues.
That’s especially notable because it contrasts with older generations. That is, many people report great dissatisfaction and dislike with their management and leadership culture, as many surveys and polls show. But most tend to suffer emotionally and physically; often frozen in place, perhaps from fear of losing what they already have, or insecurity about change.
Millennials appear to have a different mentality altogether. A summary of this new study from the University of Missouri(link is external) reports that millennials tend to job hop – something well known about them, and that older workers don’t understand. And a major reason is that they feel a disconnection between their personal values and the workplace culture. As one of the researchers, Rachel LoMonaco-Benzing explained,(link is external) “Not only did we find a gap, but we also found that workers were much more likely to leave a job if they felt their values were not reflected in the workplace.”
Co-author Jung Ha-Brookshire added(link is external) “They have been raised with a sense of pro-social, pro-environment values, and they are looking to be engaged. If they find that a company doesn’t honor these values and contributions, many either will try to change the culture or find employment elsewhere.” The researchers say that companies need to understand that the new generation of workers have high ethical and social expectations. The study was published in the journal Sustainability.(link is external)
All of these changes in values, attitudes and behavior among millennials are likely to have increasing impact on all realms of our society in the years ahead. Stay tuned!

Original article
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Friday, April 20, 2018

An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody by C.J. Heigelmann

A Single Moment Of Pure Love Is Worth A Thousand Lifetimes.

He was an orphan boy from Asia who had big dreams. He left his country and fought a war that wasn't his. In a new country, with new people and a new way of life, the only thing connecting him with his past was his mother's jade amulet.

She was a beautiful young girl from Africa. One day a ship arrived and they captured her village and forced them on a slave boat to the new world. She was way too young and way too fragile to deal with the hardships of slavery. But she survived.

The Things They Did For Love...
10 years later during the American Civil War, he met her by chance and their lives changed forever. It was a feeling they had not encountered before. It was love. A forbidden love that transcended their society and status. It was an all-conquering love. An Asian boy and a slave girl trying to build their dreams from the ashes of the post-Civil War America.

Love Is The Beacon Of Light In A Dark Life!
In this spine-tingling historical romance story, author and storyteller C.J. Heigelmann will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that will reveal the intricate structures of our 1860s and 1870s society. By following the heart-breaking adventures of two people who are in love in an era of hate, you will see that love is the only power that can bring inner peace and warmth to your heart.

Can True Love Survive?
When all hope seems lost, love can inspire, empower and motivate people to pursue their happiness and overcome any obstacle. C.J. Heigelmann paints a magnificent picture of this dark chapter in the US history by making you a part of the story. Will their love survive? You will have to find out for yourself!

Click "Buy Now" & Dive Into A World Filled With Pain, Hatred, Hope & Love!

Available on Amazon Kindle:

Available on Apple iTunes:

About the Author

C.J. Heigelmann was born in Hartford, CT in the summer of 1969. He enjoyed an early childhood typical of any other pre-adolescent youth, living in a region steeped in the traditions and history of New England during the 1970’s. At age 12, he moved to Los Angeles and settled in Compton, California. As a young teenager, he traversed one of the most violent cities in America during the rise and height of gang warfare, which unfortunately became known as one of the most notorious murder capitals in the world. In 1988, at age 18 he faced a crossroad in his life and decided to enlist in the United States Air Force, where he served in the 1st Gulf War as well as other deployments. During one such deployment, he witnessed first-hand and survived the Mt. Pinatubo Volcanic eruption and its aftermath, which destroyed all major U.S. military installations in the vicinity, and devastated the Island of Luzon. 

After returning to the U.S. and receiving his Honorable Discharge, he married and fathered two daughters. He continued his formal education in Industrial Engineering Technology, while also immersing himself in his true passion, Literature and World History. After his divorce in 2011, he made the decision to write his first novel and embarked on two years of historical and cultural research for its foundation. In 2014, after a decade of traditional employment, it became apparent that the time and stress of his occupation were hindering his creative progress, so he made another life-changing decision and resigned his financially lucrative position in the Engineering Department of a Fortune 50 corporation. He purchased a boat and moved aboard as a recluse, to give himself wholly to his work and fulfill his vision. 

The first of his novels to come, AN UNCOMMON FOLK RHAPSODY, is an example of C.J. Heigelmann’s pursuit of perfecting the “Art of Storytelling” on paper, by using strong visuals, emotions, and narrations to substitute for the absence of a human “Storyteller.” He is currently an aspiring Novelist, Vlogger, Media Content Creator and is employed on the managerial staff with a major university in South Carolina. His creative passion and impetus derive from his belief that, "Amor Vincit Omnia." That is, “Love conquers all.”
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Friday, March 30, 2018

My Bible Culture

The Passover is the perfect time to remind ourselves of our connection with God and how we can do His Work not only within wider society but also by starting with building a strong foundation inside of our own homes!

What messages are we giving to our children when we talk to them? Are we leading by good example as we go about our daily lives? Do we talk respectfully and with empathy to those around us? How do we allow our children to spend their free time? What books and tv shows are they exposed to?

It certainly is not a coincidence that we are constantly bombarded with conflicting and confusing messages from the media, our teachers, and our acquaintances. Which is why in a world of confusion you must know there is ONE reliable source of guidance and love and that is the word of God as written in The Holy Bible.

Like a child returning to its parent in times of distress you too can return and find solitude and comfort within the pages of His holy words. We have crafted a beautiful Bible the “Illustrated Reference Bible” both as a physical book and as a digital copy, you can access it on the move, on your business travels, in the car, ANYWHERE.

Have Tablet, Will Travel!

If you’re never away from your Inbox (who isn’t??) then you’ll be pleased to know there will soon be something Godly to read as My Bible Culture is days away from launching the first of a series of inspirational reads called the Break Free Blog Series, the perfect way to start and finish your day with.

Based on our unique V.E.S.T values system, the series will reveal the deeper meaning and practical applications relating to the values of Virtues, Education, Self-Awareness and Transformation. By incorporating these four key elements into your lives, you can experience a true elevation of the soul and a feeling of contentment and inner peace.
We believe no soul should start its day without putting on its V.E.S.T which is why we have developed this unique range of traditional and mobile virtual products to make it easier for you to achieve that personal development and that deeper connection with God wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.
Not having the time is no longer an excuse!!

But remember, this deeper connection with God will develop gradually over time. The longer you stay on the journey the deeper the connection and the happier you will become. 

Get your copy now: 
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Enigma Factor an Interview with Breakfield and Burkey

What were you like at school?
Breakfield pushed the envelope.  Someone asked him, “This is your senior year, why the heavy course load?” He responded, “To see if I could do it.”
Burkey liked to study and often tutored others in high school, particularly in math and science.   

Were you good at English? 
Breakfield received an A in Senior English, but had his head handed to him in freshman English at UT of Austin.  The freshman English teacher worked with him and he squeaked a B, but really learned how to write. Burkey earned As in English and liked to dissect poems or songs to find the hidden meanings.

What are your ambitions for your writing career? 
Breakfield and Burkey strive to be great storytellers both in our fiction and short stories as well as in person. 

Which writers inspire you? 
Breakfield and Burkey enjoy many authors and are voracious readers. Breakfield was inspired by Richard F. Burton and Kevin J. Anderson. Burkey was inspired by Jack London and Charles Dickens.

So, what have you written? Feel free to include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest.
Breakfield and Burkey have an award winning series currently with 9 books in The Enigma Series, TechnoThrillers. Book 10 is currently under construction. We received a first place award for a short story in 2017 and have three more entered for 2018. 

Additionally, we wrote 2 non-fiction technical manuals from earlier days. Here is our website with all our titles: and samples to download. When visitors sign up for our mailing list they get a free coloring book. The audible for The Enigma Rising was given a notable reviewer award by

Where can we buy or see them?
All of books have the links to buy from your favorite retailer and in the media of your choice whether that is trade paper, eBook, or audible so far on the first 4 in the series. Audio versions can be accessed via Audible, Audible UK, or itunes.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special? 
That’s a tough one.  Our main character(s) is actually a group, specifically the R-Group.  In 2 of our books we spun off the CATS (Cyber Assassin Technology Services) Team, a more feet-on-the-street and much grittier group of complex characters with diverse backgrounds.

Our character universe has over 160 characters and we shuttle them in and/or out to tell the best story we can.  This is about the cyber good guys against the cyber bad guys, so it is not just one main character. In fact the stories are more focal point based, as an example, The Enigma Factor has a focus on identity theft.

If we can’t go any further without a single character then we will tell you his name is Immersive Collaborative Associative Override of Deterministic systems or ICABOD our ever evolving, supercomputer.

What are you working on at the minute? 
We just finished our 3 new short stories entered into three different genres, and are in the middle of our 10th techno-thriller in the series, The Enigma Source. A sample of this story is also on the website under Sneak Peek 

What’s it about? 
We are focusing on digital currency or crypto-currencies and we have the good guys/gals fighting the dark net bad guys. 

What genre are your books? 
Our series genre is techno-thriller. Which includes technology framework surrounded with international travel, romance, intrigue, mystery, humor and complex characters.

What draws you to this genre? 
We each have over 20 years in the high tech world so we get a lot of our book themes, characters, and relevant technology vulnerabilities from our day jobs. 

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book? 
For a few of the characters, we would recommend the following,
Chris Pine
Keira Knightley
James Franco
Max von Sydow
Glenn Close
Alicia Vikander
Taylor Kitsch
Christopher Plummer
Master Po
Ming-Na Wen
Chairman  Chang
Benicio del Toro
Jim Hughes
Alec Baldwin or Aidan Turner

How much research do you do? 
Breakfield and Burkey actually do research on our books all the time. We like to scan the technical horizon all the time for vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors that we can take and turn into interesting stories.  We like the challenge of taking high tech issues and making them a fun, relevant read to today’s adults.   

Have you written any other novels in collaboration with other writers? Yes, but we have found we complement each other so well that we cannot imagine writing without having the ability to bounce ideas off each other.

Why did you do decide to collaborate and did that affect your sales? 
We are confident that we turn out a better product by writing together.  We use a technique called “literary ping-pong” where we bat a chapter, a character, or a story thread back a forth until it is finely polished.

When did you decide to become a writer? 
Breakfield and Burkey had different forays into writing and started young.  Like wine, we get better with time.

Why do you write? 
Honestly, to get better and be the best storytellers we can be.

Award winning Techno Thriller series, The Enigma Series
by Breakfield & Burkey

About the Authors

Charles V. Breakfield

Charles V. BreakfieldCharles likes to travel in Texas on a motorcycle, World War II history, wine & good food, and voice/data technology. As a colorful and somewhat controversial individual you can find him either in his shop building furniture, writing with his co-author Roxanne E. Burkey, or out riding his motorcycle, but always meeting people looking for suitable character material for the next thriller installment of the Enigma Book Series.

Roxanne E. Burkey

Roxanne E. BurkeyWriting is a passion for Roxanne that incorporates many of her interests and dovetails nicely with her full time work in customer experience technologies. After successfully writing white papers and technology documentation she wanted a different more fun, less stress writing outlet. Her co-author Charles Breakfield agreed and The Enigma Series began. You are invited to explore their website and leave/read comments in the Enigma Chronicles Blog area. 

She enjoys learning, travel, family, outdoor activities, good food, wine sampling, reading, living and visiting good friends which helps to bring diversity and new ideas into the stories. 
She is still learning humor and there is hope for this century that she will master it!
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Buckaroo Buckeye with Kristin Cetone

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
My stories are built on my emotions and memories and passions and life experiences. I think ALL authors start
from one, or all, of these vantage points to create their words.

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
Currently, I am working on a trilogy of books with characters all connected to Buckaroo Buckeye. I am trying to build a body of work that connects to my original character of Buckaroo Buckeye and that thread the common connection to literacy and building self-esteem through finding their special place in the world, as each character travels their life journey of self-discovery.

What does literary success look like to you?
Imagine a world where you couldn't understand instructions, you couldn't get from point A to point B, discover new things, engage your imagination, achieve a positive self-image, absorb new ideas, build a better life, follow directions to prepare a favorite food, get a job, or escape the chores of everyday living? The written word is the building block of life but being able to read and understand those words is power. Imagine not being able to explore the beauty and diversity of our world? Not being able to experience people and places beyond our neighborhood? This is THE POWER OF READING, an abundant and sustainable resource for mankind and the future. DO YOU HAVE THE POWER?

What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (child, teenager, young adult)
My childhood memories and experiences.

What is your favorite childhood book?
Misty of Chincoteague.

What were you like at school?
I was an extremely shy girl. For the first thirteen years of my childhood I lived in the rural country and had no other kids, other than my brother, to socialize with on a daily basis, so I relied upon my own creativity. TV was not prevalent then. I excelled in my academics and ballet and horseback riding but relished time by myself to read, do artwork, and pretend I was a teacher.

So, what have you written?(*Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest.)
I have one published book Buckaroo Buckeye-A Little Nut with Big Dreams. It is a Mom's Choice Silver Award Winner for 2013 and this book was awarded the 2016 OneBookArizona children's book winner. I have contributed several editorial pieces on children and reading to several local print sources, and I have over 150 blogs on my website.

What are you working on at the minute?
I am currently in the process of publishing three sequels to my original book. What does a buckeye tree do? It produces more buckeyes :-). Each of my three sequels are dedicated to three very inspirational women from my buckeye family tree.

What genre are your books?
Children's picture books

Why do you write?
I am inspired by my deep roots in the Buckeye State of Ohio along with something my father used to ask in his elder years. He would often ask “do you know what a buckeye is?” To indulge, we would always answer, “No, Dad, what is a buckeye?" His response was always, “It’s a worthless nut.” Such is the premise for Buckaroo Buckeye’s story. 

As a Reading Specialist, literacy and struggling readers was my career focus. The value of reading had been instilled and nurtured in me from an early age. As I worked with struggling readers, I witnessed how an inability to read had eroded their self-esteem and made them vulnerable to bullying. I want to inspire and encourage all, especially struggling readers, that there is a special place for each-and-every one of us in the world and through determination, nurturing, and guidance, success will be found, despite the bumps and bullies and setbacks along our life journey of self-discovery.

Buckaroo Buckeye: A Little Nut with Big Dreams 
by Kristin Anderson Cetone (Author)

About the Author
Winner of the 2016 OneBookAZ and 2013 Mom's Choice Silver Award! Buckaroo Buckeye grew out of author Kristin Anderson Cetone's imagination and joy of reading. 

Born in Dayton, Ohio, she traveled many miles before putting down roots in the Arizona desert. Influenced by family, education, life experiences, and a desire to teach others, Mrs. Cetone discovered her purpose---just like Buckaroo Buckeye did. 

Her true calling and passion is writing and helping others become successful readers. She created Buckaroo to encourage children to believe in themselves and follow their dreams while dodging the bumps and bullies along the way. Reading will help guide the way. Being a Reading Specialist, she has also created Nuts About Reading™ an informal, supplemental, online reading service. She shares her insights and suggestions to help parents strengthen their children's reading process and become successful readers. 

Her joy now is to inspire and help kids to find the Buckaroo Buckeye in themselves.
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Ocean Thailand Addiction Recovery

Ocean Thailand Addiction Recovery
Oceans Thailand offers a holistic client-centred evidence-based integrated treatment program delivered by qualified professionals in a compassionate and respectful way. A fast assessment process, private villas, modern facilities, peaceful surroundings by the beach, state of the art treatment program.

Jesus Christ University Wear

Jesus Christ University Wear
Witness to the world the power of Jesus Christ!

The Consequence by Eddy Mann

The Consequence by Eddy Mann
The quest to live a loving and compassionate life can be challenging at times. Each day’s ups and downs are different, but the power of love is unmatched, and there in lies the journey of this album. An Americana, Folk-Rock, Roots, Country joy ride!

Elevator Music: ShaneO Da Optimist

Elevator Music: ShaneO Da Optimist
Debut album featuring the song "It's All God," pick up your copy now!

David Vaters

David Vaters
Pick up your copy of "A Voice In The Wilderness-Volume 1" by David Vaters.

What is Man? by Hollytoons US

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